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The stairlift is a smart solution in the smarthome for seniors

Of course, we often talk about smart gadgets and products that allow you to automate certain daily tasks or make things easier, but for the elderly among us, you can go a step further to make life in the home even easier. A stairlift is a good example of this.

If you are no longer able to move around and still want to live in a house with one or more floors, a stairlift is the solution. This allows you to maintain most of your mobility indoors and ensures that you can safely go up and down the stairs. The concept behind a stairlift is simple but effective; a rail that runs along the stairs makes it possible for a chair with an electric motor to go up and down the stairs. You sit down on the chair and a simple push on the button takes you up or down the stairs. (trapliften)

A stairlift today is not as ugly as it was years ago. Nowadays the stairlifts are a lot more stylish and can also be concealed nicer. There are also different types of stairlifts, such as straight and curved variants. For those in wheelchairs there is the platform lift. Here you can sit down with the wheelchair, after which you can be brought up or down safely. There is a solution for every application and it is not only safe and convenient; you also save energy for the other important and fun things.

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